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I want to start this review by pointing out that out of all the tools that we reviewed so far, 4DL is by far the best one. As we tested it, 4DL kept us amazed until the final result. The automatic directory submitter that 4DL put up is a user firendly web 2.0 tool that can submit your website free of charge to 200 web directories.

We have seen similar services being offered on the web. And we were asked for $70 or more. 4DL even offers a 1000 web directory submission package. This costs a low $10. You can’t put a price on the service. It has an improved category choosing algorithm(if the category that you chose when you started the project doesn’t exist, 4DL will automatically chose the apropriate category for your website on the remote web directory).

4DL breaks captcha image codes. I mean, WOW, how awesome is that. When I submit my sites manually to web directories this is what bugs me most. Is that an l or an 1. One time I wasted like 5 minutes until I got a freaking captcha right. You might say that captcha image codes are obsolete. If this is the case then let me tell you: You couldn’t be more wrong! Captcha image codes are very hard to break but this tool breaks them. This means web directory owners won’t be able to make any difference between a submission made with 4DL and a manual directory submission.

All is good until now, but how about the fact that if Google sees a huge number of sites linking back to your site in a short time span your site will get penalized?

The automatic directory submitter from takes care of that. You could (if you want to) submit your website to the web directory list in no time, but why do that when you can take your time. Submit whenever you want and close the submission process at any time. Open 4DL and resume the project any time you want!

That’s right! You could do 50 submissions per day very easy. It’s all up to you!

4DL comes packed with so many features that I will bore you if I list them all here. Some of them are: multiple titles/ descriptions (randomly chosen, you can use unlimited depth in the multiple details formula), advanced submission reports (in both pdf and html format), retry failed captchas, and so on.

Just go to and try this amazing tool!